meat boss – mobile, AL


It was a Saturday, we were both off, and we had decided to head over to Baldwin County. On the way, though, we wanted to stop at Meat Boss for some proper BBQ. The funny part is that the night before we attended a wedding catered by… yep… Meat Boss.


Do you ever walk into a BBQ place and wonder, “Where’s their smoker?” I do. At some of these places, I wonder if their “BBQ” is even smoked at all. Not at Meat Boss. They cook their meats in two custom-built contraptions, named “The Grill” and “The Smoker” respectively. Both are displayed proudly at the corner of Cottage Hill Road and Vivian Drive.


The restaurant itself is in the Hill Top Shoppes complex. Meat Boss occupies basically the left half of the strip. The door to the left leads to the seating area, the door to the right is the ordering counter.


It’s pretty simple when you walk in for lunch. You get to choose your meat, your bun, your sauce, and your side. A sandwich with one side and a drink is only $8.75. Not bad at all! You could easily spend that at Arby’s… And I like that you have choices, but not too many. It’s not overwhelming.


Below is the seating area. Absolutely zero ambiance! Personally I love it. It keeps costs down and you get the feeling that the owners let the food speak for itself.


Nikki ordered the pulled pork (Boston butt) sandwich. We had had the pork the night before, but that didn’t matter.


I went with the brisket since I had never had it before. Both were great.


For my side I opted for the banana pudding, which we shared as our dessert. It’s not bad, but I’ve certainly had better.


I’m not going to say it’s the best BBQ in Mobile County… I still love the Brick Pit and Tilmo’s, and there are new places popping up that we haven’t gotten to yet, but I’d put Meat Boss easily in the top 5. It’s a family-owned business, and the staff are all very nice. Just keep in mind, they’re only open for lunch Thursday through Saturday.

Meat Boss on Urbanspoon

5401 Cottage Hill Road
Mobile, AL 36609



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