san jose taqueria & carniceria – mobile, AL


Let me start by saying that this was, hands down, one of our most adventurous outings…


So I knew there was a Mexican place in the Theodore / Tillman’s Corner area. I noticed it was getting good reviews on Urbanspoon…

Fast forward…

We had gotten out of church on a Sunday and we were hungry, so I suggested a place called San Jose Taqueria. I didn’t know much about it, other than it was close by and it was supposed to be good. I convinced Nikki and her mom to try a new place instead of San Miguel, so we headed over.

The place is in a little strip mall near the intersection of Three Notch Rd. and Old Pascagoula Rd. I feel like “sketchy” is too harsh a word, but… it wasn’t Ruth’s Chris, I’ll put it that way.

The first thing we all noticed when we walked in is that we couldn’t find a word of English anywhere. I mean it’s probably there, but you have to look for it. The TV programming is all in Spanish. It initially kind of gives you that panicked feeling. But we sat down, and thankfully the menu was in English, at least partially.


I noticed they offered Mexican Coke. The waitress said that some people claim it has a different flavor than American Coke. I don’t know who these people are, because if it hadn’t come a different bottle, I wouldn’t know the difference. So in case you’re wondering, Mexican Coke is identical to American Coke… Now I know, and now you do too.

Nikki ordered a chicken quesadilla with rice and beans. I don’t think I tasted it, but she said it was good.


I got three tacos: BBQ pork, chicken, and tongue. I got tongue partly because I had never had it and was curious, and partly so I could make my wife and mother-in-law uncomfortable. That’s the tongue there in the middle. It’s OK. I mean I’m glad I tried it, but it’s not something I’m dying to have again.


I have to admit that it was comic gold watching Nikki’s mom squirm when she realized our waitress wasn’t going to bring out chips and salsa. Maybe that’s an American invention? I don’t know…

Anyway this place has a lot of character and is worth checking out. From the Spanish TV to the glass case filled with “nontraditional” cuts of meat, I recommend it if you’re in the mood for something authentic and different.

And I think it’s good to challenge yourself, not just in food and travel but just in general. Do something new… and if you don’t like it, then don’t do it again.

On the way home we passed another Mexican restaurant that looked even sketchier. Personally I’d like to go… but maybe with some guy friends.

San Jose Taqueria & Carniceria on Urbanspoon


5696 Tillmans Corner Parkway Suite C
Mobile, AL 36619





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