george’s – alys beach, FL


We found George’s on Urbanspoon and also had it recommended to us my multiple people. It’s kind of upscale casual I guess. The food is good, but you can feel OK about showing up in flip-flops. Lunch options start at $11 and top out at $18. Dinner entrees will run in the $20’s and $30’s. So… it’s not Burger King, but it’s not some prime steakhouse. And considering the swanky surroundings and the quality of the food, it’s pretty reasonable.


The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor dining. We opted for the courtyard since the weather was so nice. It’s hard to beat April in Northwest Florida.

outdoor seating

I ordered the grouper sandwich ($15). The menu claimed it was “famous” and “voted best” something something, so I figured I would give it a try. It’s a locally available fish, so I figured it would be pretty fresh. Needless to say it was a good choice. My only gripe is that the filet seemed a little small. I would love to see them stack a filet on top of another, but realistically that would make it a $20+ sandwich. I don’t know if that would sell… But who knows. It might sell better!

svm's famous grouper sandwich

Nikki ordered the “Best Burger on 30-A” ($11) according to the menu. Pretty tall claim, but it just might be true. It was… How do you describe a burger? Meaty? Juicy? I don’t know. It was just good.

the best burger on 30-a

Pictured below is a great perk of being married. Both sandwiches were excellent, and I’m glad we were both in a sharing mood. (I guess this could be considered surf-n-turf…)

burger, grouper sandwich

For dessert we opted for the warm chocolate toffee goo. Yes, that’s the official name of it. Another solid pick. It’s a brownie with kind of a subtle liquid toffee baked inside and topped with vanilla ice cream. I personally didn’t taste the toffee that much, but whatever. I mean look at it. It’s a brownie with ice cream. How could it be bad?

warm chocolate toffee goo

We both highly recommend George’s. It’s the kind of place you crave for dinner after eating there for lunch. I usually like to try new places when possible, but the next time we’re in the Alys Beach area, it will be hard to stay away from George’s. It’s classy, but relaxed. So maybe, in a way, it reminds us of… us.



George's at Alys Beach on Urbanspoon


30 Castle Harbor Dr.
Alys Beach, FL 32461




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